Pretty Waste EP

by Max Miller

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No We 01:52
Pretty Waste 05:57
Love is a disease I'm not immune to it but you will not find me on OK Cupid frozen peas 'tween my legs I have to keep it down cuz this can only end with you wearing a frown and me in despair, grasping at what ain't there in my chest I'm obsessed with keeping it empty envy, just another word not in my dictionary I don't wanna dictate your life to something fictionary takes two to tango but soon you get tangled running around tripping over yourself me I like velcro just quick stick and then go take off the shoes put 'em back on the shelf you say lonely, I say stress free in the grand scheme of things you were really... Just another pretty waste of time. When I look at you I don't just see your face I see everything up until the last day first it'll be awesome, then it'll be tough after a while, enough'll be enough and then we break up slap in the face it's time to wake up I knew this would happen and I still couldn't save us feeling so lame just a bit ashamed, I opened myself up and then you spilled me nearly killed me! but I can't take it personally cuz you coulda been anyone, I coulda been anyone it'd end up the same, who is who it doesn't matter me, I'm just trying to break away from the pattern is it too much to ask to wanna walk my own path? Why get on a plane that's headed straight for a crash? cuz it's just another pretty waste of time. and I think love's a disease and I'm just trying to stay clean wake up for what? get dressed for what? go out for what? and further it goes why should I try to impress all the rest with my title or house or the style of my clothes cuz there's only two types of homes in the end: a jar or six feet into the ground screaming and trying to fight for our lives we go into a vacuum where there is no sound and maybe this journey so bleak and predictable is that much easier with a +1 but when I'm with you I feel weak and so miserable! no need to justify, I am just done I link arms instead, with all of my friends, as we march ever onwards- until the end cuz it's just another pretty waste of time.


released September 2, 2016

Written and Performed by Max Miller

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Pretty Waste Cello by Jacob Cohen

Pretty Waste Choir:
Mallory Feuer
Ray Brown
Luke Kelly
Joanna Kelly
Giovanni Colantonio
Zack Daniel

Engineered and Mixed by Ben Rice at Degraw Sound (

Mastered by Jeff Gudenrath (

Art by Dina Levy (


all rights reserved



Max Miller New York, New York

Max Miller makes music. He wants you to listen to it.

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